Vintage Knuckle Ring Set

Size Guide
Main Stone Color
Type 6
Type 5 Silver
Type 7 Gold
Type 7 Silver
Type 2
Type 11
Type 10
Type 4
Type 3
Type 9
Type 1 Gold
Type 1 Silver
Type 8
Type 12
Type 18
Type 17
Type 15
Type 16
Type 14
Type 13
Type 19

A jewelry is an excellent gift idea for any occasion. Choosing a gift is usually complicated. It becomes even more difficult when it is given to a special person that we want to surprise.

The reasons why finding the right gift is complicated is because the lack of original ideas, limited time, or a budget that must be respected.
Bohemian Flower Ring Set is a perfect gift.

Hearts and inimitable minds, talent, strength and novel style, this ring set celebrates women for what they are — simply unique.

From the strongest personalities to the most diverse groups, the Bohemian Flower Ring Set suits for women of every age, ethnicity, type and character. It addresses all women and offers them endless opportunities to express their personality.